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Yves Delorme

In the land of dreams

Since 1845, the French traditional linen brand Yves Delorme has stood for luxurious home textiles and a combination of poetry, courage, excellence and expertise.

Founded in 1845 by visionary Ernestine Fremaux and her husband as a linen weaving mill in the heart of the French textile centre near Lille, the company grew over time and through generations and was soon known throughout France for the outstanding quality of its linen fabrics. It consolidated its experience and know-how and soon achieved a very unique and authentic personality: bold, creative and sophisticated.

In the land of dreams

This creativity was further enhanced at the beginning of the 1980s when Dominique Fremaux joined forces with Yves Delorme, who was then known for his collections of bathroom textiles. It was the birth of Yves Delorme, the combination of exclusive bed linen with matching terry linen and bathrobes. Fremaux-Delorme’s legacy of perfection is anchored in the history of the men and women involved in building the company, its expansion and the creation of all its collections. The passion and know-how of six generations can be found woven into certified organic cotton in every sheet, towel and tablecloth bearing the signature of Yves Delorme.

Since 2001, Yves Delorme has been a member of the Comité Colbert, which comprises France’s most prestigious companies. The brand stands for an exceptional art of living, for a piece of luxury in everyday life. The future of Yves Delorme continues with the sixth generation of Fremaux, passing on the vision of the house, coupled with know-how and modernity.

Gentle luxury for nature

Naturally, the materials used by Yves Delorme are of outstanding quality. The collections are made from organic cotton or Suprima cotton. The offices and workshops are operated according to the principles of the circular economy and follow eco-friendly practices on a daily basis to preserve our natural resources and for the well-being of all. At the same time, the preference for fine materials, traditional workmanship and the sophistication of beautiful weaves is celebrated. Intricate hand-embroidered designs, hemstitching and stand-up hems distinguish the models. Under the direction of Laurence Rouet, the designs captivate with creativity, quality and attention to detail, inspired by the poetry of nature. For fabrics that dreams are made of…