Wellness & Room fragrances

FBB represents the brands Maison Berger Paris, Bougies la Francaise and Durance that are dedicated to embellishing your everyday life.

For more than 120 years, Maison Berger Paris has held a unique position in the world of room fragrances. The creations decorate the home, smell distinctive and provide pleasant room air.

As one of the oldest candle manufacturers in France, Bougies la Française scores above all for quality and centuries of know-how.

The scented candles from My Jolie Candle impress with an innovative concept, as they conceal a handmade piece of jewellery inside.

The family-run company from Provence offers the finest collections of home fragrances, perfumes and cosmetics with ingredients of natural origin.


Awakening emotional moments and preparing real moments of well-being that touch the senses and the heart – our brands Maison Berger Paris, Bougies la Française and Durance are dedicated to embellishing your everyday life.

Whether candles, room fragrances or body care, our products create relaxing and individual moments just for ourselves, for our body and our soul. Taking a little time out from the hectic pace of everyday life, enjoying a seemingly meaningless moment, creating a cosy atmosphere at home – all around, finding happiness in the little things in life.

Aromas and fragrances play an important role in this. With them, our mood improves, they awaken emotions and memories in us – perhaps an impressive landscape, a beautiful work of art, a childhood memory, a past vacation.

At the same time, functionality and design are brought into harmony. Thus, our collections are a real highlight in any home. With their variety of colours, shapes, and designs, they harmonize with the most refined scents and lifestyles.