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Life is a wonderful sport

Since the creation of the first polo shirt in 1933, Lacoste has become a leading brand in the fashion world. Designed by René Lacoste, Petit Piqué fabric is a lightweight and breathable fabric. It allows air to circulate, providing comfort and elegance in equal measure. The Lacoste style is also realized in the home collection through iconic, timeless, and modern models that take their inspiration from sports and French elegance. The company continues to reinvent itself to unite heritage and modernity, sport, and everyday life.

The inventor of the polo

René Lacoste was an international tennis champion and a brilliant inventor who revolutionized tennis fashion in the 1920s and embodied a whole new lifestyle. He designed the first polo shirt in 1933 using a petit piqué cotton fabric as an elegant yet airy alternative to long-sleeved dress shirts and was soon dressing his friends and family in the sporty polo shirts. As a tireless inventor, he continued to develop new ideas with each workout and filed a total of more than thirty patents in his lifetime.

On the trail of the crocodile

The famous trademark goes back to a bet between René Lacoste and his team captain at the time – it involved a suitcase made of crocodile leather. Moreover, this animal symbolizes René Lacoste’s tenacious style of play, as he was known for his perseverance and bite. With designer Robert George, the crocodile takes shape in 1927 and sees the light of day a few years later on a polo shirt. Since then, the crocodile logo may not be missing as a visual highlight. Thus, Lacoste was the first brand ever to become world famous with a visible logo as a trademark.

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