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Hermès Paris

Craftsmanship since 1837

Since 1837, when the founder Thierry Hermès opened a bridle and horse saddle shop in Paris, Hermès has remained true to its craft by creating elegant and enduring objects that can be passed on from generation to generation. The highest quality, finest materials and exceptional know-how are at the heart of the creations. With La Table Hermès, table culture was incorporated into the company in 1982. The noble Limonges porcelain in its extraordinary design fascinates with its bright colours and expressive patterns. Telling stories, inviting people to travel, combining the aesthetic with the useful – these are the hallmarks of La Table Hermès porcelain.

Hermès Paris – Creative freedom

Since its foundation, Hermès has followed its vocation to create the most beautiful objects. The best and most innovative materials, coupled with exceptional know-how, motivate the artistic department headed by Pierre-Alexis Dumas. Each year, a common theme serves as a source of inspiration for all 16 Hermès métiers. Each collection follows a specific design language, colour scheme and material composition. The resulting noble and timeless pieces, which are often bespoke items, accompany customers in their everyday lives and are a cause for joy in the daily routine. The lasting beauties are destined to be passed on from generation to generation.

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Entrepreneurial spirit and sustainability

Hermès embodies French luxury like no other brand. The family-owned company manufactures the majority of its products at one of 51 sites in France, including 19 manufactories such as saddleries and leather workshops. In integrated training centres, artisans impart their knowledge and pass on their excellent craftsmanship to future generations to ensure the continuity of the métiers. Hermès is also committed to taking care of the environment, in particular to mitigating climate change, restoring biodiversity and protecting the oceans.

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