It all begins with a love story

The story of the traditional French company Vilebrequin begins with the romance between two young people Yvette and Fred from Nîmes. To impress Yvette, Fred creates a colourful striped and loose-fitting swimsuit at a time when skin-tight swimwear was fashionable. With his new beach look, he impresses friends, celebrities and ultimately Yvette. The young couple registered the Vilebrequin brand in 1971, and the success story began. To this day, Vilebrequin has never forgotten its heritage; the brand is a product of the joy and freedom of the spirit of 1970s Saint-Tropez. Season after season, Vilebrequin provides elegance on vacation, an idea passed from father to son and from mother to daughter.

The art of swim shorts

For 50 years, Vilebrequin has been perfecting the art of swim shorts, which are instantly recognizable anywhere in the world thanks to their iconic design. The noble yet functional swim shorts have a drawstring whose top is finished with a Zamak alloy and a Vilebrequin engraving. The swimwear is specially treated to dry quickly and guarantees a high level of comfort thanks to the extreme lightness of the material. The wide range of motifs is exclusive and is applied with optimal printing techniques using an infinite number of colours. The resulting colourful designs with curious patterns and floral elements provide pure summer mood!

Craftsmanship and commitment

Since 1971, Vilebrequin has been committed to creating excellent and unique swimwear. From the exclusive motive drawings in Vilebrequin’s design studio to the sewing on of the woven label by hand, 32 steps are required to create a single piece. The fabrics for the swim trunks are made in France, Italy, and Portugal, then sewn in Europe and in Morocco. Since 2021, the collections are already made of 50% recycled or recyclable materials, and the goal is to reach 80% by 2023. With the official creation of the Vilebrequin Foundation, the brand fights against climate change and pollution and is committed to protecting the oceans.