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A typical Italian passion

The Italian glass manufacturer Venini was founded in 1921 by Paolo Venini, a Milanese lawyer who came from a family of glassblowers, and Giacomo Cappellini, a Venetian antique dealer. Venini is based in Murano, an island in the northeast of the old city of Venice, known throughout the world for its glassblowing art. Under the artistic direction of Vittorio Zecchin, the foundation stone was laid already for the identity that still defines Venini today – bringing together traditional craftsmanship with the fascination of modern and artistic aesthetics. In the same year, Zecchin created the famous Veronese vase, which later became the symbol of the company.

Since its foundation, numerous artists, architects, and designers have worked with Venini, such as Fulvio Bianconi, Ettore Sotsass and Matteo Thun. They come from all over the world to experience the mysterious charm of the Fornace, the glass oven. Each visit becomes an intense combination of craftsmanship, Murano heritage, modern design, and creativity. Many of the unique art objects made of the finest Murano glass are exhibited in museums and galleries, such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Unique variety of colours

One of the typical characteristics of Venini is the wide and tasteful range of colours, which is unmatched in the world of art glassblowing. The palette of 125 fascinating and refined shades is the result of extensive studies, tests, and precise compositions. Each shade comes from a specific recipe, the result of a complex chromatic experiment. These secret techniques are passed down from generation to generation. A “Made in Murano” is the result of centuries of experience.

Venini - Tisch und Beleuchtung
Venini - Tisch und Beleuchtung

Visions in glass

The glass manufactory presents its iconic and classic pieces as well as new creations in two collections:

ArtGlass stands for extraordinary sculptural vases and objects for interior decoration. Many pieces become distinctive through the skilled art of the glassblowers, making them true one-of-a-kind pieces and design classics. The ArtLight collections include lights, light objects and chandeliers for private homes, hotels, restaurants, cruise ships and yachts. They create an impressive atmosphere in any environment and shine in the most diverse colours depending on the exposure to light.

Venini - Tisch und Beleuchtung
Venini - Tisch und Beleuchtung