In the stationery sector, FBB represents the brand Langelütje.

Langelütje stands for outstanding quality, color, style and appropriate texts.


In the age of global digitalization, we have become accustomed to organizing all areas of our lives online: we browse the Internet for cooking recipes, hotel recommendations and the latest fashion trends, we conduct our banking transactions on the PC and even buy our groceries at the click of a mouse. Very few people can do without a cell phone these days.

In today’s digital and fast-paced world, a message on a cell phone is sent quickly. So it’s no surprise that congratulations on a birthday or encouraging words about recovery also reach their recipient as a digital message, accompanied by the appropriate palette of emojis.

But there are those special moments when you feel a simple short message simply doesn’t do them justice. Saying thank you, congratulating on a birthday or birth, or signalling solidarity. High-quality stationery is ideal for giving our counterparts long-lasting pleasure and making an impression. Because unlike a message on a cell phone, it doesn’t disappear over time in the flood of data but brings a smile back to our faces every time we hold it in our hands.

And doesn’t it do us good to put our thoughts down on paper occasionally? “Whoever writes by hand gives his thoughts space” – Gerta Langelütje.