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Ralph Lauren

Fashion as a philosophy of life

Ralph Lauren is more than just fashion, it’s a philosophy of life. As the first American fashion designer to create an all-inclusive home collection, Ralph Lauren’s creations present a synthesis of timeless style and extraordinary craftsmanship. Traditional English design meets alluring American flair. From the New England style to the Connecticut look, from the Colorado style to the Upper East Side New York look with a touch of Hollywood glamour, Ralph Lauren’s home collections perfectly understand how to convey the feeling of freedom of the USA. These styles define the Ralph Lauren look year after year.

Relax in style

Whether drawing inspiration from time-honoured tradition, modern sophistication, or the beauty of rare collectibles from around the world, Ralph Lauren is dedicated to using only the finest materials with the utmost attention to detail. Fine linens, towels, bathrobes, and home accessories create a luxurious home in unmistakable American style. The collections tell a story. They are not just a set of decorative elements, but a kind of lifestyle that you can live and be a part of. It’s more about a personal style that you feel comfortable with, because true luxury means quality and timeless elegance.

Timeless luxury

American spirit paired with the finest materials; this is how to experience the classic lifestyle of the world of Ralph Lauren. Characteristic of the luxury home collections are Ralph Lauren’s favourite themes – horses, New England, Jamaica and log cabins. For Ralph Lauren, luxury is a feeling, a way of life. For him, trends play only a secondary role. It’s more about a personal style that makes you feel good, because true luxury means quality and timeless elegance.