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Maison Berger

120 years of history

It all began with a good intention: that of Maurice Berger, pharmacy dispenser, who at the end of the 19th century wanted to purify the air in hospital rooms. To ensure sterility there, he invented the catalytic steam system – it was the birth of the diffusion by catalysis system. This innovative process destroys unpleasant odours in the air instead of just masking them. Thanks to the exceptional technology of the patented burner, Lampe Berger, a unique French creation, destroys unpleasant odours and at the same time spreads a subtle whiff of the finest fragrances throughout the house. The extensive collection of lamp models convinces with its variety of designs, colours, shapes, and materials for any interior style.

The brand

Improving indoor air for people’s physical and mental well-being is the top priority of Maison Berger Paris. For the different fragrance rituals, the company uses the full range of its exceptional and long-standing know-how, as well as highly specific technical solutions. This opens an irresistible world of soothing fragrances based on innovative technologies, with perfectly mastered and controlled substances. A tribute to the traditional French savoir-faire.


Unique fragrance rituals


Maison Berger Paris occupies a unique position in the world of room fragrances and offers a wide collection of fragrances from different fragrance families. They are created exclusively by the master perfumers in Grasse, who draw their inspiration from nature, childhood memories or experiences on particularly impressive journeys to distant lands. A universe of fragrance rituals makes it possible to scent the home individually according to one’s preferences. With a wide range of design objects such as room fragrance diffusers, electric diffusers, scented candles, car fragrances and, more recently, even scented alarm clocks, it is possible to indulge in the diversity of the brand’s creations. A tribute to a unique place of action of creation and inspiration that revolves around the French passion for art and room fragrances.