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Soft fantasy worlds made of fabric

Decorative pillows and cozy plaids create a cozy atmosphere and give every home structure and security. Since 1989, Iosis has been providing that certain something with its collection of unique home & living accessories made of fine tapestry fabrics woven in Belgium, fine cotton, cool linen and shimmering silk. The unique motifs of the popular cosy pillows, bags and plaids depict a gentle fantasy world. Favourite themes include animals and plants, which tell their own unique and personal story year after year with each new collection, stylishly staged.

But with colour, please!

Whether proud giraffe, lush petals, happy terriers, Mediterranean coastal towns or even geometric patterns, the motifs are first hand-painted on a sheet by the designers down to the smallest detail. For this design, a weaving pattern is then created, which is implemented on the looms with the help of the latest technology. Through the traditional technique of tapestry stitching, the colours of the imaginative designs shine particularly intensely and surprise with their almost three-dimensional effect. A gentle lifestyle with a touch of humour, staged with a lively and tender look at our world.

Stylish companions

With all this inventiveness, of course, no home should be without stylish monochrome companions. For those who like it a little more minimalist, Iosis offers a variety of plain pillows made of velvet, wool, linen and silk in a wide range of colours in a variety of formats. With cuddly pillows, you can create a cosy living atmosphere easily and uncomplicatedly and decorate it to match the season. As a small single splash of colour or combined with many other models, they radiate warmth and comfort and are perfect ambassadors of good taste!