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Decor Walther


For almost five decades, the name Decor Walther has been synonymous with high-quality bathroom accessories. t all began in 1973 with a small specialist shop in Frankfurt am Main. rom the very beginning, founder Harald Walther’s top priority was to focus on handcrafted products with fine details. o this end, Decor Walther still works with selected manufactures who also produce smaller quantities and produce purely by hand according to traditional values and craftsmanship. ecause Decor Walther’s most important goal has always been the perfection of its products – timeless beauty, high quality and durability.

Discreet luxury

Bathroom accessories, lamps and mirrors are appreciated worldwide for their clear design language and durability Decor Walther is not interested in following short-lived trends and currents. They rather create timelessly beautiful companions for the bathroom that allow body, soul and spirit to find peace. The products made of metal, crystal glass, porcelain or wood are produced exclusively in selected European manufactories, using both traditional craftsmanship and the most modern production techniques. The result is always of outstanding and lasting quality – you can see and feel it!

With the lion's head

The lion’s head depicted in the Decor Walther logo symbolises the brand’s beginnings in 1973, the continuous striving for quality and perfection and the pride in the successes achieved. For several years, Decor Walther has been managed by designer Maiken Walther and son Henry Walther. Both are creatively and strategically responsible and operationally involved. Whether product development, production, marketing, sales or communication are concerned, important decisions are made together. Because at the end of the day, they both have just one goal – beautiful design for the bathroom.