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Christian Fischbacher

Family tradition

Christian Fischbacher has been producing luxurious and aesthetically outstanding home textiles for over 200 years. ts headquarters are in St. Gallen, a centre of the textile industry since the 13th century. The love of detail, a deep-rooted passion for the quality and beauty of materials, and the drive for creative innovation is combined in the products. Fabrics, carpets, bed linen and accessories are made to create interiors with personality. The company has been in family hands since 1819. The knowledge of high-quality materials is thus part of the heritage and has been passed on for six generations now. Each generation brings new, contemporary ideas to the company – this is the only way to maintain the high standards of quality and innovation over the centuries.

Social responsibility

Sustainability and social responsibility are not only a trend at Christian Fischbacher, but have always been a matter of course, because the focus is on products that are made for life and not for a season. Out of conviction, all work and production steps are carried out with care and attention. This is how outstanding home textiles are created that are made to enrich life and accompany it through all its phases. Christian Fischbacher works on the permanent optimisation of its sophisticated materials. Proven quality meets innovative methods. The company has had successful business relationships with many partners and producers for many years. New business partners are always carefully selected so that they harmonise with Christian Fischbacher’s high qualitative and ethical standards.

Design Studio

Christian Fischbacher is cosmopolitan, open minded and inspired by a broad range of cultures. Whether the spark comes from nature, life, the world of art or fashion, whether it is the continuation of traditional craftsmanship or the use of innovative techniques – at Christian Fischbacher, a good idea is always carefully thought through to the end. In the design studios, experts in weaving techniques, fabrics, design and colours work with great attentiveness in order to create beautiful homes for their customers. This attention to detail is visible in the drawing, whether stripes, ornaments or flowers.

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