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Bougies la Française

Wax puller and candle maker since 1902

Since 1902, the history of Bougies la Française has been a family story, written with passion and dedication by women and men who devote their craftsmanship and perfected handiwork to the creation of candles. Candle making is an ancient, unique, and rare craft. At the “Manufacture des Lumières” candle factory near Nantes, five generations of master wax pullers make dreams come true with their sense of beauty and know-how developed over the decades. A unique craftsmanship rewarded with the “Entreprise Du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV)” or “Living Heritage” label – a recognition of excellence and typically French creativity that distinguishes a company that successfully combines production with added value, passion, and innovation.

Quality at the heart of creation

Bougies la Française remains faithful to its traditions while innovating to create design of tomorrow. Its experience and craftsmanship are based on the rigorous selection of raw materials and the most suitable formulas, on the controlled use of the right temperatures during the production process and on quality control at every stage of the manufacturing processes in compliance with the strictest standards in force. The brand collaborates with the most important perfume manufacturers who share its strict requirements and CSR charter to harmonise lighting moods and fragrance worlds.

Illuminating everyday life

Candles have the special ability to give a home an emotional mood, enhanced with the magic of light and the beauty of the material. More than just illuminating, candles alone or in larger numbers can create different moods. hey can revive the gentle atmosphere of a fireplace, decorate a lovingly laid table, or add a special touch to a bathroom. As a creator of lighting moods, Bougies la Française makes shape, colour, and light dance in a mysterious alchemy. Whether classic, iconic, or modern, scented or unscented candle, the diverse collections accompany us in all our moments of happiness, connection and conviviality to create moments of well-being individually according to our wishes and seasons.

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