General Terms and Conditions

1. Consent
By placing an order, the Customer consents in every case to the following terms and conditions. Deviations require our explicit confirmation.

2. Orders
Orders can be placed in writing by email or fax. After acceptance of an order, it is only possible to change or cancel it in consultation with and after approval by SBB Holding GmbH.

3. Pricing
You will find the prices in the current price list.

4. Delivery obstacles
In the case of force majeure, we have the option of cancelling placed orders in part or in full. Force majeure is considered to be any circumstance that makes it impossible to deliver for the time being or over the long term without us or our suppliers being at fault.

5. Returns
Fundamentally, ordered and correctly delivered products are only accepted back after prior agreement in writing. Special productions are fundamentally not taken back. If we agree to the return of products in writing as a gesture of goodwill, they are to be sent together with a certificate of return in the original state and in their original packaging. The buyer shall bear the cost of the return. A credit shall be issued after receipt of the goods and an inspection in the Alzenau warehouse. We reserve the right to deduct damaged or not resellable goods.

6. Complaints
Identifiable defects must be reported in writing immediately after the arrival of the products; otherwise, the delivered products are deemed to be approved. Deviations from catalogue pictures do not entitle the Customer to complaints. We reserve the right to accept the return of the products or to deliver a replacement. The Customer is not authorised under any circumstances to withhold payment in part or in full due to any defects until their elimination. Furthermore, additional claims for damage compensation or similar claims are expressly excluded.

7. Product modification
SBB Holding GmbH reserves the right to modify products at any time.

8. Payment terms
It can be gleaned from the General Terms and Conditions of the individual companies from SBB Holding GmbH.

9. First order with new customers:
It can be gleaned from the General Terms and Conditions of the individual companies from SBB Holding GmbH.

10. Applicable law
German law shall apply.

11. Place of performance
Place of performance for deliveries and payments and the sole court of jurisdiction is Alzenau.

12. Retention of title
The products remain the property of FBB Interieurs GmbH until complete payment. Cheques and bills of exchange shall only be deemed as payment after they have been cashed.

13. Final provisions
The said terms and conditions are deemed a significant part of each purchase agreement. Legally invalid provisions or amendments to individual provisions shall not affect the validity of the rest of the provisions. Contradicting terms and conditions of purchase require our explicit approval in writing to be considered valid.